Docker Install

Docker is well suited if you want to run it locally. If you need to run on a cluster, see the Singularity install. If you don’t have Docker installed on your computer, do that first.

Getting Started

First, you should understand how the container is built. There is a base image in the docker folder that installs Python and dependencies, and then the Dockerfile in the base of the repository builds the mgoubran/miracl image from that base. When the build happens, it cats the version.txt file in the repository in the repo to save a versioned base, but then the build uses the tag base-latest that is always the latest base. The base container is built from this folder and pushed manually, while the main container is built and pushed automatically via the CircleCI Recipe. Thus, if you want to update the base, you will need to see the in that folder and push new images.

Build from scratch

git clone

Build the image using the Dockerfile

docker build -t mgoubran/miracl .

(notice the . at the end)

Using the image

Interactively shell inside

docker run -it mgoubran/miracl bash

(this will be lost when you shell out)